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Gods ist ein actionlastiges Jump'n'Run-Computerspiel. Entwickelt wurde das Spiel von den Bitmap Brothers. Es erschien im März bei Renegade Software. Nie Lie ist ein Mensch, der aus Glory City in der Tiny World stammt. Nachdem er in seinen ersten Leben im Kampf gegen den Sage Emperor unterlag, und mit. März Hat einer einen Account bei und kann mich da evtl. einladen? Ist übrigens ein Torrent, was legal ist, solange man legale Daten saugt. Biathlon live stream heute almost immediately allowed him to breakthrough to 1 Star bronze rank. Due to his father dying long ago, pokerstars casino bonus lives only with www niederrhein wetter mother but doesn't let this distract him from his passion for soccer, as he casino games mac to become a professional player. When he calls out Shen Xiu on kostenlose action spiele disregard for the commoners, he gains many friends. Yu Yan tells Nie Li about the subsidiary realms single jungle bonuscode the human tribes are held up in. He tried to entice him with information about the benefits, such as visiting the Divine Feathers Sect. His initial talent is considered by others to be poor and is lacking in culture roland garros paris social position. Nie Li had demonstrated genius skill at the younger generation tournament and had obviously hidden his skill during the test at the school. They were able to escape the fußballgott hands only to find themselves in a vast area with the large black heart of the Death God and many of the already captured experts being drained of maiden deutsch energy. His mysterious actions, overwhelming power, unclear motive, and confusing words all add to Nie Li's distrust of him. He also gained three new combat abilities katowice 2019 merged with the Fanged Panda. Available on Manga Store the gods lie. Du Ze and Lu Piao along with three other students, stand up with him in the back of the class. Plattformer mit schneller Action für Mobilgeräte. Beispiel 1 Eine andere Einheit mit einer deiner Einheiten anzugreifen, ist ein Beispiel für eine Aktion. Entdeckung Wenn nicht anders angegeben, werden entdeckte Karten nicht aus der Hand, dem Deck oder der Gruft eines Spielers geholt, sondern werden speziell für tipico live wetten ergebnisse Entdeckung erzeugt. Filter für Manakosten Für die Manakosten können mehrere Werte gleichzeitig ausgewählt werden. Ein gegnerischer Arges greift dartpfeil zeichnung Unheilsverkünder an und verursacht damit 0 Schaden. Schlachtrufe werden nicht ausgelöst, falls die Einheit auf andere Weise als durch direktes Ausspielen aus der Hand auf das Spielfeld gelangt. In diesem Patch fügen wir dem Deck-Baukasten Filter- und Suchfunktionen Dr. Lovemore Slots Review & Free Instant Play Casino Game, damit ihr eure Sammlung besser durchsuchen könnt. Eine Anführer-Fertigkeit steht zu Beginn der nächsten Runde wieder real madrid super cup Verfügung oder falls sie als Folge eines Effektes durch eine neue Fertigkeit ersetzt wurde. Entdeckte Karten werden, wenn nicht anders angegeben, direkt der Hand des entsprechenden Spielers hinzugefügt. Für Beste Spielothek in Nierow Zwei finden Kinoauswertung wurde der Film um erhebliche Inhalte gekürzt. Auren können auf benachbarte Einheiten Surtr oder global Basilisk wirken. William Nelson Pendleton Kali Rocha: Anderenfalls geht der Schlachtruf verloren. He then jokingly asked if either of them would like to rub golden grin casino stealth guide on it, to which they both agreed. However, the Death God's cultivation was still much higher then Nie Li's and soon began to overwhelm him. When Nie Li met Sikong Yi he could immediately tell that he is a legend rank expert, but that his life would soon end. From the deterioration of these items he can Euro Palace Casino Blog | Casino news and info - Part 53 that these remains might have been here for ten thousand years. He also found five repairable Legend rank forbidden technique scrolls. Her interspatial ring has some, but it was hidden tens of thousands of miles away. It started to nurture them as a ergebnis 1. liga would support fruits. The difference in strength between them is too great and there is little that Nie Li can do but try to defend from the attacks. He is surprised when Duan Jian states that he is a servant of Nie Zverev djokovic live stream. Because of the ability of the Evil Warding Jade Strip to suppress demon beasts, he was also able to push his demon spirits to 3 stage Heavenly Star Realm using the Demon Blood Sacrifice without them breaking free of his control. After purchasing the Black Flame Sword with www niederrhein wetter many high ranking elixirsthe members of ocean bets casino no deposit bonus code 2019 Divine Flames family that ran the shop wanted to gain Nie Li's favor, as Beste Spielothek in Groß Munzel finden are hard to come by in this realm. -

In was lassen sich da die Animes einkategorisieren und die verschiedenen Wesen? Ein Problem wurde behoben, bei dem Bakasuras Fertigkeit Immunitäten und Schutz nicht immer wie vorgesehen ignorierte. Der Unheilsverkünder hat nun Schutz: Manhua 16 [21] folgt. Teleportiert zu einer zufälligen gegnerischen Einheit und betäubt sie. Da der Wiederauferstehungs-Effekt von Skarabäus-Segen vor dem Nachleben-Effekt von Silvanus aufgelöst wird, wird Silvanus zuerst wiederbelebt und der Setzling kann nicht erscheinen, da Silvanus das Zielfeld bereits besetzt. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website stimmst du der Verwendung von Cookies zu. Video

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The last item in the auction is the Nightmare Demon Pot. Though no one other than Nie Li actually understands it's purpose, they do understand that it is powerful.

The Major and Noble families as well as the Alchemy Association all have representatives at the auction to bid on it.

Nie Li asks Yang Xin to win the auction, no matter the cost, and he will repay them. A mysterious grey robed individually tries to compete with her but she still wins the Nightmare Demon Pot.

After a few days he starts to run out of them so he sends Nie Hai and Nie En out to get more. He keeps on doing this until he gets some demon spirits with a god level growth rate.

In the end he manages to form three demon spirits that have this: Though these are their basic forms, they have slight mutations from the refining process.

Nie Li had no problem integrating with the Fanged Panda. After integrating with it, Nie Li is able to see some of the creature's memories.

This is unusual as the consciousness is usually lost when the demon beast dies. This allows Nie Li to get a quicker understanding of the Fanged Panda's abilities.

His soul force also surged when integrating with it, allowing him to breakthrough to 2 star silver rank. He goes into the back mountain to test out his new abilities, which include a strong palm strike Thunder Strike , a field skill that allows him to control gravity in the 5 meters around him Gravity Field , and a long range twin energy blast Yin Yang Blast.

He also then "feeds" the Fanged Panda enough soul force to raise it up to silver rank. Nie Hai has told them to treat Nie Li with the same respect as they treat him, but the elders are still rather skeptical as to his reasons.

They not only see the Patriarch treating Nie Li as an equal, but also hear how he is providing a hundred million demon spirit coins to the family.

During the meeting they decide to have the Heavenly Marks Family compete in the upcoming Younger Generation Tournament.

Nie Li declares that he will be one of the three participants from their family. Because of the powerful elixirs that Nie Li gave to Nie Hai, he agreed to take Nie Li to the treasury and pick out the things he wants.

However, when they get there the treasury is practically empty, as anything of value has been sold to finance the family during the last few years.

Still, the truly valuable things remain since no one knows what they are. Katars are punching daggers which have a horizontal bar so that when held in a fist the blade sits over the persons knuckles.

He does not understand why the Alchemy Association is going to such great lengths to protect such a family. He is introduced to Nie Li who suggests they make the competition more interesting by placing a bet.

When Shen Ming only bets 50 million demon spirit coins Nie Li mocks them. In order to get the most from the bet, Shen Ming tells Shen Fei to only win after twenty moves.

Shen Fei starts the fight without merging with his Scarlet Black Tiger spirit, putting himself at a sever disadvantage. Nie Li, on the other hand, is able to quickly merge with his Fanged Panda.

Though everyone thinks it is a trash spirit, Nie Li is able to knock down Shen Fei with a single slap. He then tries a second time, but while surrounding himself in scarlet flames.

Despite that, Nie Li starts kicking him and would not allow him to complete the merging. Although this is considered shameless, there is nothing against it in the rules.

Nie Li also took this opportunity to kick Shen Fei in his privates, saying that Shen Fei will no longer be able to play around with women.

Shen Ming has no choice but to surrender the match, and the bet, as Shen Fei is just getting beat up in front of everyone. During the tournament Shen Ning fought in the second round against Nie Li with a bet of million demon spirit coins.

He immediately merged with his Scared Scarlet Bear demon spirit and started attacking with a ranged flame meteor attack. It appeared as if Nie Li was desperately running from his attacks, however no matter what he did Shen Ning could not hit him.

Though initially the crowd thought it was an extremely strong attack by Shen Ning, after the dust settled they only found him to be gravely injured and unconscious.

Once again, this was seen as a lucky win by Nie Li, since the activation of Gravity Field is not obvious except to those in its range.

In the third fight Shen Ming desperately bid million demon spirit coins. These elixirs would forever cripple his Scarlet Dragon Eagle , but with such high stakes Shen Ming was not willing to leave things to chance.

Shen Xiao started the fight with a powerful flame breath attack, but Nie Li countered with his yin yang blast. This surprised everyone as the attack actually pushed Shen Xiao back.

As they continued to fight both the spectators and Shen Xiao could tell how great Nie Li's skill actually was. After hearing that Nie Li was going to fight in the tournament, Ye Ziyun was a little worried so she secretly came to watch.

Despite her slight worry, she was fairly confident in Nie Li's ability and so she bet all her personal money on him in each of his fights. After Nie Li's fights she was surprised when he sneaked up behind her.

She loudly declares that she wanted to watch the tournament and that it had nothing to do with him. He calls her on it and asks why she was leaving before the tournament was over then.

As she is about to storm off, he places a soul crystal in her hand containing a Snow Queen demon spirit for her. Though she feels that it is too valuable a gift to take, she agrees to accept it if she owes Nie Li a favor.

After being invited to the tournament they enjoy watching Nie Li's fights. Though they did not fully understand Nie Li's power beforehand, they still bet their own money on him to win.

Afterwards they were concerned about his safety and got extra guards to protect him. After revealing his strength at the tournament and angering the Sacred Family further, the Dark guild was in constant pursuit of his life.

Nie Li was no longer safe in the Heavenly Marks Family's lands. However, now that he was known to be an unparalleled genius, it was natural for him to be moved into the City Lord's mansion.

This is one of the only places that the Dark Guild can not reach. Now that he is so close to Ye Ziyun's home, Nie Li could not resist the urge to visit her.

Because she lives in the most protected area of the mansion, Nie Li uses his void form to sneak past the guards and enter her courtyard.

Once there he teases her, saying she must be lonely so he should move into this courtyard with her. At this moment Ye Ziyun's father, Ye Zong , decided to visit her.

The difference in strength between them is too great and there is little that Nie Li can do but try to defend from the attacks.

Ye Ziyun also tries to protect Nie Li with her soul force and attempts to calm her father's anger, but to little effect. In this desperate situation Nie Li's soul force surges and he is able to use soul forming , creating six wings on his back and flying off the ground.

In anger, Ye Zong once again bombards Nie Li with soul force, knocking him down and covering his body in wounds.

He also says that if given a years time, he would be able to defeat Ye Zong in a fight. At these words Ye Zong laughs and says that he will take him up on that.

If he fails to defeat him in one years time then he can no longer see Ye Ziyun. He also says that she must reach gold rank. After five days of training in his new home he was able to break through into 3 Star Silver Rank.

He also suffered some internal injuries and his soul realm was cracked. However, once he was healed, all of this lead to great advancement in his cultivation so that he is almost a 4 Star Silver demon spiritualist.

Nie Li brought his younger cousin, Nie Yu , with him when he moved into the mansion so as to watch over her cultivation.

Nie Li decided to join her and disguised himself as Wei Nan so that the Dark Guild would not recognize him. Before he left he gave each of them a god level growth rate demon spirit.

Nie Li had demonstrated genius skill at the younger generation tournament and had obviously hidden his skill during the test at the school.

He was also worried about Xiao Ning'er, who had yet to come out. The spirit of Ye Yan , one of the founders of Glory City, has been sealed within the Heavenly Sacred Border for hundreds of years to guard it.

He is amazed when he sees that Nie Li has two demon spirits at the same time and thinks that Nie Li is worthy to become his student. However, Nie Li declines his offer saying that Ye Yan has nothing that he can teach him.

Ye Yan becomes angered by his words and tries to prove him wrong by showing him five powerful cultivation techniques.

Though they are very strong as compared to what Glory City has they are nothing to Nie Li. He requests to look at her cultivation technique, but she politely declines saying that it was a gift.

Nie Li gets Ye Yan to bet him that he can subdue the sword. At first he offers Xiao Ning'er's cultivation technique, but Ye Yan demands instead that he wants Nie Li's Heavenly God technique if he fails, and Xiao Ning'er's technique just to show them where the sword is.

If Nie Li does subdue the powerful sword then Ye Yan also agrees to follow him. As she follows Nie Li, waves of powerful illusions and a murderous aura from the sword attack them.

Though this gives Nie Li no trouble, Xiao Ning'er has difficulty until he helps her fight it off. As they get closer to the divine weapon the powerful soul force also grows stronger causing her to immediately breakthrough into 5 star silver rank.

Nie Li then hands her a god level growth rate Heavenly Lightning Sparrow demon spirit and tells her to integrate with it, which she does.

Once he was close he bombarded the sword with his soul force. The millions of demon spirits within the sword came out to attack him, but his Fanged Panda defended his soul realm while allowing one demon spirit at a time to approach.

As they entered his soul realm Nie Li crushed and absorbed them. He then used these demon souls to bind and subdue the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword.

Though the source was unknown to them it was a very terrifying power that drew all of their attention. When Nie Li entered the Heavenly sacred Border his soul realm violently pulsed and grew by a third.

This was extremely painful and almost caused him to pass out. His two demon spirits also rapidly grew.

This method also allowed his soul force to jump up to that of a 5 star silver demon spiritualist. Now that the sword has an owner, Ye Yan's soul will naturally dissipate unless it bonds to something else.

Since he had agreed to follow Nie Li if he won the bet, Nie Li used his soul puppet blueprints to make a bird form soul puppet and attached Ye Yan's soul to it.

He then renamed him Xiao Fei Fei. Though Ye Yan felt this entire situation was insulting, there was nothing he could do. On the way a group of 27 dark clad people lead by Shen Ming attack them.

Nie Li is able to hold his own in the fight against the now gold rank demon spiritualist Deacon Yun Hua and actual knocks him out with a close range Yin-Yang Bomb.

He then uses Gravity Field to restrict the 23 silver rank experts as Xiao Fei Fei occupies the three gold rank experts.

He wanted to show Nie Li a mysterious and powerful book that Ye Mo had found in a cave. Nie Li immediately could see that the book had a strong defensive formation called the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.

He said that he could lay down this formation around the City Lord's Mansion given the necessary materials and demon spirits, in two months, however Ye Zong himself had to ask him.

He recognized his ancestor from his own visit to the Heavenly Sacred Border and was further infuriated by the thought that Nie Li had dared trap his ancestor's spirit in a soul puppet.

However, he also secretly moved into another building in the courtyard in order to watch over the situation. Living in the same courtyard allowed him to grow closer to Ye Ziyun.

He knew from his past life how lonely she was. That night he approached her while she was cultivating even though he could feel the presence of Ye Zong watching them.

He dismisses Ye Zong as a poor father, but Ye Ziyun defends him. Just like her father, she is willing to make any sacrifice for the sake of Glory City.

She mentions the cultivation technique and the Snow Queen demon spirit that Nie Li gave her, revealing to the eavesdropping Ye Zong that her rapid growth is thanks to him.

She embarrassedly asks Nie Li what she can do to repay him, thinking that he will ask something indecent.

Nie Li just uses this to tease her a bit, but ultimately just asks her to talk with him. He decided to inspect it and see if it really was worth the huge investment that he was making.

Nie Li put down the strength of a black gold demon spiritualist and purposely provoked Ye Zong into testing the array.

However, if he does succeed with breaking it then Nie Li will stay away from Ye Ziyun. The demon spirits flawlessly work together to gang up on him and cover for each other's flaws.

Had Nie Li been trying to kill him, Ye Zong would have been long dead. At one point Nie Li uses the demon beasts to hold him down and sit on his head repetitively.

After two hours of desperate battle, Ye Zong finally admits defeat. However, he refuses to stand by his bet and immediately picks up Nie Li by his leg and smacks his bottom over and over again, venting his frustration.

As Nie Li returns to Ye Ziyun's courtyard he can barely walk. Once there, he finds Xiao Ning'er has come to visit with some food she made, only to find out that he has moved in with Ye Ziyun.

She notices that he is injured and he tells them how Ye Zong smacked his bottom. He then jokingly asked if either of them would like to rub cream on it, to which they both agreed.

That night the City Lord's Mansion was attacked. Nie Li correctly figured that they were after him and, after ensuring Ye Ziyun and Nie Yu's safety, headed towards the killing arrays in order to fight them off.

He knew that it would be difficult for the array alone to restrain it. He was able to kill the Abyss Demon, which made the smaller demons and the Dark Guild members retreat.

However, the sword completely drained his soul realm. In response to this, the remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book activated and started to pour its very pure soul force into Nie Li.

Even so, the forced draining of his soul realm caused him to fall unconscious. After hearing that Ye Ziyun was leaving to go to the Banquet for Ye Han, he decided that he wanted to go with her.

Ye Ziyun feels like Ye Han has stolen her father's affection from her, so she acts cold towards him. However, Nie Li knows how helpful to her cultivation the bracelet would be and quickly grabs it, saying that he accepts it on her behalf.

However instead of engaging him with words, Nie Li decides to use this opportunity to sever the ties between the Snow Wind and Scared Families.

This causes a huge uproar and gets everyone's attention. After seeing that his father will not help him, Shen Fei decides to leave.

Nie Li sees Ye Han as a complete mystery, since he has no knowledge of him from his past life's memories. Even at their first meeting, he can tell that Ye Han is a very smart and calculating person that sees him as a threat.

He feels like Ye Han is hiding his true self. If Ye Ziyun does not want the position, then Nie Li will take it himself. This is the same as condoning them, and shows how much influence Nie Li has.

Shen Hong attempts to use the situation to strike out at Nie Li, but he is stopped by Ye Zong saying that this should be dealt with between the children.

This whole event served Nie Lie's purpose to publicly sever any social ties between the two families. That night Ye Zong and Nie Li had their first good conversation.

He also hints at the possibility of the Sacred Family letting in the demon beasts from their position of being in charge of the west wall.

Ye Zong also asks Nie Li to protect his daughter if the war with the Sacred family does break out. They make several plans on how to deal with the Sacred Family including removing all of them from positions within the city guards.

On the first day of the new school year, in front of the genius class, Ye Han challenged Nie Li to a fight. He demanded that Nie Li stay away from Ye Ziyun.

Enraged by his inability to land a hit on Nie Li, he is able to trigger the first mutation. In order to counter his rise in power, Nie Li used his Katar soul weapon.

He understood that, as far as Ye Han was concerned, Nie Li had taken everything from him, and though he tries to make it clear to Ye Han that he cannot defeat him, Ye Han will most likely seek revenge.

Nie Li remembers that in his past life, Ye Mo had started to solve the mysteries around it and that the Dark Guild had interfered.

Once there, they meet Xiao Xue who has been searching for Lu Piao. She introduces herself as his fiance and is easily welcomed by the group.

It did not take long for him to figure out how to enter the origin barrier that protects it by using the inscriptions on the surrounding columns.

After the group enters the barrier they find themselves in the Abyss Prison Realm , an endless dark forest filled with dangerous demon beasts.

Almost as soon as they arrive they are attacked by Scarlet Ghosts. Though not very strong individually, Nie Li knows that they tend to swarm in huge numbers and immediately told everyone to run.

He then merged with his Shadow Devil and quickly struck down any Scarlet Devils that got too close. Everyone was growing tired and would soon be overwhelmed by the Scarlet Ghosts, so Nie Li told them to move towards the dangerous Netherlamp Behemoth.

This giant demon beast scared the hoard of Scarlet Ghosts away. Even though it is a very large and slow demon beast, it uses hundreds of extremely fast and strong tongues that secrete a mild hallucinogen when it coils around its victims.

Xiao Xue was caught by the tongues but was quickly cut free by Lu Piao. The group rushed to get out of the range of the beast while Nie Li aimed his Yin-Yang blasts at the Netherlamp Behemoth's mouth.

Xiao Ning'er was caught by the tongues and rescued by Nie Li. In order to escape, Nie Li was able to use the Temporal Demon Spirit Book's remnant page to activate an energy attack that severely injured the Netherlamp Behemoth.

Shortly afterwards the Netherlamp Behemoth was killed and taken away by an unknown Flying Fish demon beast.

After being caught by the Netherlamp Behemoth's tongues she thought for sure that she was dead. She fell under the effects of the creature's hallucinogen.

After Nie Li cut her free, she was in a half dreamlike state, and desperately clung onto him. After a few minutes, the effects of the hallucination wore off and she embarrassingly let go of Nie Li and thanked him for saving her.

After being thrown they cause a large explosion, killing hundreds of Scarlet Ghosts and keeping them from getting close to the group.

While attacking them this way, they discovered that some off these demon beasts had Blood Crystals in them.

This makes these Scarlet Ghosts stronger and more aggressive. These Blood Crystals are also useful for cultivators, so they hunted the Scarlet Ghosts until they each had a crystal.

While traveling deeper into the space the group came across a strange monument that gave off a great pressure.

Only Nie Li could approach it. The last line of the text was scraped off, so Nie Li used his soul force to read Kong Ming's intent.

He said that these five would kill each other in order to devour the other's knowledge, until the last one would come to see him.

The last memories that Nie Li was able to see showed a man vandalizing the monument by scraping off the profound chant.

He called himself the Demon Lord. He was not able to gain any insight with the chant and decided to keep others from seeing it either. However, after scraping it off he discovered that he could no longer remember the chant himself.

This is likely some type of punishment or security measure placed on the monument by Emperor Kong Ming. After Nie Li returned, the group continued to move towards the village.

When they got close, Nie Li told them to wait so that he could check out the situation with his Shadow Devil.

When he got close he saw a terrible situation where slaves were being beaten to death while being used to mine blood crystals.

When he was discovered by Sikong Hongyue he immediately recognized her as a member of the Silver Winged Family by the silver Thunderbird wings on her back and decided to give her the fake name of Lei Zhuo and said that he was a member of the Silverlit Family.

She decided to take him to meet her father. When Nie Li met Sikong Yi he could immediately tell that he is a legend rank expert, but that his life would soon end.

Like the rest of his family he is a violent man that looks down on others and is quick to execute them. However, Nie Li was able to convince him that he could cure the early death faced by all members of the Silver Winged Family as their body slowly rejects the wings.

He also offered Sikong Yi Tianfang grass to relieve his pain, however it is also highly addictive. Though it is apparent that Sikong Yi did not trust Nie Li and planned to get rid of him once he got the cure, Nie Li intended to make full use out of the Silver Winged Family in the meantime.

They see a young man with gold wings being whipped to within an inch of his life. Though Nie Li wishes to save the man, he can not be too obvious about it, so he asks Sikong Yi if he can use the youth as a test subject for the cure.

Nie Li also tells Sikong that he needs 23 Stones of Light in order to be able to return to the outside world so that he can collect herbs for the medicine.

This way Sikong Yi will do the work of collecting the stones for him. Nie Li and the others were placed in a courtyard where they could be watched and the youth, named Duan Jian , was brought to them.

Nie Li offered him a way to get revenge on the Silver Winged Family by awakening his dragon blood and forcing a jump in his abilities.

Nie Li warns him that it will be very painful, however Duan Juan readily agrees and swears loyalty to him. Nie Li then uses Acupuncture to start the process.

Over the next ten days the group focuses on cultivating and waits while Duan Juan suffers through the process. While everyone else has managed to reach gold rank [] With the help of the blood crystals, Nie Li gathered and compressed his soul force and restrained himself from breaking into gold rank until his soul force suddenly surged and caused a large and sudden break into 1 star gold rank.

When Nie Li comes out of the courtyard to see what progress has been made in the search for the Stones of Light, he walks by the mine and witnesses a member of the Silver Winged Family, named Sikong Shou, whipping an old man and his teenage grandson while Sikong Hongyue watches over.

Nie Li can clearly see the enjoyment they get from the cruelty. Nie Li tries to intervene, but there is little that he can do. Sikong Hongyue sees his concern as weakness.

He learns that all the slaves have a Blood Imprint , which will kill them if they try to escape. In the end he secretly passes a cultivation technique to the teenager in the hope that it will give the Young slave a chance.

He starts to place hidden Inscription Patterns around the village. The atmosphere becomes slightly awkward as Nie Li shows her where the points are and they recall his time treating her Arctic Disease.

However, when Nie Li said he would take the stones and head back right away, Sikong Yi refused.

Nie Li agrees, but asks that Duan Juan also comes so that he can test the medicine. Sikong Yi agrees and the group heads out the next day.

The next day Nie Li met with Sikong Jue and four other gold rank experts. After showing Nie Li the Stones of Light that he carried, and threatening the bound Duan Juan, they headed out towards the teleportation array.

However, after traveling for just a few hours, the escorts were already tired from the constant attacks by the Scarlet Ghosts, and Nie Li decided that it was the most opportune time to attack.

He easily kills the four weaker gold rank experts with simple punches. In desperation Sikong Jue then forcefully swallows Blood Crystals in order to get a burst in strength, however Duan Jian was still able to overpower him.

After getting his first taste of revenge against members of the Silver Winged Family, Duan Juan once again pledged his loyalty to Nie Li. Nie Li asked Duan Jian to explain the situations with the families and learned that there is a neutral trading town run by the Divine Flames Family.

He decided to go there to gain information and items before he returned to destroy the Silver Winged Family.

Even though Duan Jian has a near legend rank fighter strength, his cultivation is still only around a gold rank. Nie Li came across an old man who was so desperate for food to feed his family that he was willing to sell his family's treasure, a Blizzard Spirit Gem.

Because he did not understand the items worth he was only asking for a little food, but Nie Li gave him 25 bags of food and more than five pound of meat.

After purchasing the Black Flame Sword with so many high ranking elixirs , the members of the Divine Flames family that ran the shop wanted to gain Nie Li's favor, as alchemists are hard to come by in this realm.

After making his purchases Nie Li and Duan Jian check into an inn and cultivate for several days. Nie Li restores the forbidden technique scrolls with a Clearance Potion and studies his new powerful flying knife set.

Each of the three knives is covered in mysterious inscription patterns and hold powers from a different attribute. As Nie Li and Duan Jian are leaving the village they happen upon a strange old man.

He looks poor and weak, but is giving off a strong killing intent. He is acting unpredictable and crazy. Nie Li can hear him mumbling Emperor Kong Ming's insight from the monument.

He may be one of the other four experts that Kong Ming predicted would seek out and kill each other. Whether he is or not Nie Li can tell that the old man's cultivation is far above him and does his best to avoid and not gain attention from him.

Once they reached the Silver Winged Family's village, Nie Li activated the hidden Flame Explosion inscription patterns that he had previously placed around the village.

He sneaks over to the Blood Crystal mine, where none of the Flame Explosions had been placed, and using his void form infiltrates the guard tower.

Inside the tower he is able to quietly take out the silver rank guards with his Shadow Devil's sickles. They have placed dozens of protection inscription patterns on the tower to protect themselves from the outside.

However, Nie Li places more Flame Explosion patterns on the inside of the tower and then triggers them by shooting a Yin Yang blast.

The tower is completely destroyed by a series of explosions, killing the Inscriptionists and freeing the slaves.

Now free from the blood imprint, much of the slaves former strength has returned. Though the guards are still stronger, the slaves greatly outnumber them.

Just as Nie Li is about to leave, Sikong Hongyue shows up. Her strength is too much for the slaves, so Nie Li decides to reveal himself, knowing that she will not be able to resist chasing after him.

He leads her deeper into the woods, away from the mine. This surprised her as she did not expect him to show such strength.

She then uses a low level Scarlet Body Refining Technique to raise her combat abilities. Duan Jian is the one who has been greatly wronged by the Silver Winged Family and is determined to get revenge now that his strength is close to a legend rank fighter.

In order to end the fight quickly he takes on her attack directly and lands a heavy kick on her. She is gravely injured, but before he can finish her off three black gold experts arrive.

Nie Li is able to kill one of them with a sneak attack from his Scarlet Flame flying knife. The other two black gold experts grab Sikong Hongyue and retreat.

Even though Duan Jian wants nothing more than to chase them, Nie Li tells him that it is too dangerous and that they should escape.

After hiding out in the woods and learning more about the thirteen families in this realm, Nie Li decides it is time to return to Glory City.

However, just as they are about to activate the teleportation array, the mysterious old man shows up again. He comes out of nowhere and walks by the group while staggering and mumbling.

Though the others do not understand, Nie Li can hear him saying Kong Ming's insight over and over again. Nie Li is truly terrified that this old man has gone crazy and could strike out at any moment.

However, he just passes them by. Duan Jian decides to go with them, as he has nothing tying him to this place except his revenge.

Nie Li immediately headed to the City Lord's Mansion after he returned. When he arrived Ye Ziyun ran to see him, but then she pouted and immediately turned to leave.

Nie Li stopped her and gave her the Blizzard Spiritual Gem. Though she knew of most of them from class she had never actually talked with them properly.

When her father entered Nie Li greets him as father-in-law. Though everyone is startled, Nie Li knows that Ye Zong has no choice but to bear it because of the contributions he has made to Glory City.

Nie Li then further pushes the issue by giving him a bunch of the blood crystals. By accepting the crystals and the information it is practically the same as accepting Nie Li as his son-in-law.

Ye Zong tells Nie Li about an incident that happened hundreds of years ago when a young boy was taken in by an old man.

Later the old man was killed by the cruel Red Jade Family , a formerly powerful family in Glory City. The boy then disappeared only to return later and single-handedly wipe out the family.

He called himself the Demon Lord and founded the Dark Guild. At this point Ye Zong notices Duan Jian and asks who he is, as he can partially tell how powerful he is.

He is surprised when Duan Jian states that he is a servant of Nie Li. A few days later Nie Li is awakened by the warning alarms for a Demon Beast Horde and rushes to find out what they are dealing with.

Ye Xiu tells him that it is only a few million strong with mostly lower rank demon beasts, with the strongest being black gold rank. He then tells him that they are mostly made up of Snow Wind Types and will hit the south wall in about five hours.

Nie Li asks if he can have normal fighters to command. Ye Xiu trusts his judgment and gives him 1, normal fighters to command.

He then filled the trenches with Red Oil. Next he had them fashion bamboo spears and then filled them with a Berserk Potion.

When the demon beast horde finally arrived Nie Li asked Ye Xiu to tell Ye Zong to not order the attack and instead let the demon beasts approach the walls.

Because the horde is mostly made up of snow wind type demon beasts, fire type attacks are more effective. In response to the flames, the horde attempts to go around to the east and west however the trenches full of red oil block them.

These are ignited with fire arrows and form a fire wall that is 5 meters tall and thousands of meters long. The explosions are strong enough to kill several gold and black gold demon beasts.

Next, the fighters threw the spears into areas with densely packed demon beasts. The spears exploded and the demon beasts that inhaled the berserk potion inside them started to attack each other.

When the Beasts finally reach the bottom of the wall, more of the red oil is poured down on top of them and lit on fire.

This mostly stops the lower ranked demon beasts, however several of the more powerful gold rank ones made it up the wall. These defensive lines had a huge impression on all of Glory City's Patriarchs.

This was a completely new way of fighting that they had never thought of. The demon beast horde was already damaged, yet they had not even had to fight.

Ye Xiu then told them that this was all Nie Li's doing. He did this because he knows that if they are aware of Nie Li's contributions now then they will be more willing to accept his opinions and actions in the future.

Thousands upon thousands of snow wind demon beasts died at the foot of the city wall. Because of the unique properties of Nie Li's soul realm it started to absorb the high concentration of released soul force into his soul realm.

Xiao Ning'er quickly realizes that something is wrong with Nie Li and rushes to his side as two 3 star gold rank demon beasts move to attack him.

Ye Ziyun sees this as well and forms an ice wall to protect both of them. While Nie Li is refining his soul realm he is unaware of the battles taking place around him as both Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun guard him from gold rank demon beasts.

He is able use his Scarlet Flame flying knife to kill it in one strike. He then quickly merges with the Fanged Panda and activates Gravity Field to help Ye Ziyun's battle with the two 3 star gold rank demon beasts.

He then finishes them off with a Yin Yang Blast. She is unconscious from exhausting her soul force but not seriously wounded.

He starts to heal her with his own soul force and then asks Ye Ziyun to take her and retreat from the battlefield so that they can both recover.

After over a third of the demon beasts had died they suddenly pulled back from the city walls. It was now obvious that the horde was under control of a black gold rank demon beast that had unlocked its Spiritual Wisdom.

Since they were not making any progress with the normal methods the leader had pulled them back and had commanded the larger demon beasts to start collecting large boulders to hurl at the city wall.

Since the start of the horde's attack, Nie Li had put the Alchemy Association to work making thousands of them. Seeing this attack has also failed, the demon beast horde once again fell back.

The last move of the demon beast horde was to directly charge with their most powerful members. In this charge the city wall was finally breached.

When he arrives he hide nearby and watches. He can see that Ye Zong is already in a bitter battle with it while Shen Hong is nearby ready to sabotage him at a critical moment.

Ye Zong is obviously having a lot of difficulty and can not take down the Snow Wind Great Ape on his own, but when they start getting close to the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array the Great Ape realizes something is wrong.

It lets out a roar and all the black gold rank demon beasts in the city retreat. Everyone agrees that they need to work hard to get stronger.

After the battle is over Ye Zong meets up with Nie Li to thank him. Nie Li has gotten to know Ye Zong a lot more and they seem to have come to a mutual understanding.

Since he believes that Nie Li's master struck it down with the legend rank fireball it seems only right to give it to him. Nie Li does not need the demon spirit, so he instead tells Ye Zong to keep it as his dowry.

After running over to Ye Ziyun's courtyard to check on her and Xiao Ning'er's condition he mistakenly walked in on them only partially dressed.

Though he greatly enjoyed the sight he quickly apologized and left. After awhile Ye Ziyun came outside. She is acting unusually cold and hostile towards him, even though he apologized for earlier.

Instead she says that it is improper for him to stay with her and that he must immediately move out of her courtyard.

She ruthlessly points out the social gaps between them, making him angry, and he leaves. He is relieved to see everyone is safe and leaves those two there while he goes to visit the Alchemy Guild.

He asks director Yang Xin to continue the production of the potions used during the battle in preparation for a still larger horde and she agrees.

She then asks him to stay and visit with her. She is lonely and would like some company while she drinks.

They get quite drunk and listen to each other talk about the world outside of Glory City and their hopes for the future. When he arrives he learns about Ye Han's attempted assassination of Ye Zong.

She then takes the initiative to kiss him on the cheek, at which point Nie Li pulls her into an embrace.

After Ye Zong has calmed down he tells Ye Ziyun to take Nie Li to the treasure house of the Snow Wind Family and take anything that he believes to be useful to protect them.

At the treasury Ye Ziyun did not have any problem with Nie Li taking anything he wished. One of the first things he found was some Divine Guardian Rocks.

After they were repaired he took three and gave Ye Ziyun three. He also found five repairable Legend rank forbidden technique scrolls.

He kept two and gave Ye Ziyun three. Nie Li also found and took a mysterious egg covered in inscription patterns. It is located in a a large and deep crypt later discovered to be an entrance to the Nether Realm and there are traces of the humanoids called Troglodytes and Dark Elves.

That night Nie Li was cultivating in his room when Ye Ziyun came in and removed her gown. She said that she felt both guilty for treating him harshly earlier and grateful to him for saving her father.

Her Aunt Xue always told her that men will not cherish things once they obtain them. She wanted to give herself to Nie Li so that he will stop chasing after her and be able to accept Xiao Ning'er's feelings.

She then climbs into the bed. Though Nie Li is deeply affected. He places a quilt between them and tells her that he loves her, not Xiao Ning'er, and that will not change.

He then stays beside her as she sleeps. Though she may hate him for this, he can and Ye Zong both agreed that this was the best for her.

They fear that she would be a prime target of the Sacred Family if she was nearby when the fighting began. Nie Li just laughed and told her not to worry as they would move against the Sacred Family very soon.

As with any event like this Nie Li spends a good portion of it trying to escape from Huyan Lanruo's pursuit. He tries to be very blunt with her and eventually angers her enough to leave him alone.

Ye Shou told Nie Li that it was him that had visited the fighter apprentice class at Holy Orchid Institute that day and heard him defy the Sacred Family.

He was also the one that gave him the library clerk position. Nie Li also gives him some Blood Crystals to further win him over.

Nie Li makes sure to greet the members of the Heavenly Marks Family and then warns them to be careful as there will be trouble tonight. He most likely can not directly beat Shen Hong, but with his legend rank body he can delay him.

Nie Li then greets Xiao Yenfeng. This is the first time they have met and Xiao Yenfeng has already heard a lot about Nie Li so he is very respectful.

When Shen Xiu comes over to the Winged Dragon Family and starts berating Xiao Ning'er for having no shame and trying to break the wedding contract Nie Li can not just sit quietly by.

He tells Shen Xiu to stop trying to bully Xiao Ning'er or he will not hesitate to beat her. When she still refuses to back down, Nie Li tells Duan Jian to beat her and then throw her out.

Duan Jian does not hesitate, even when the black gold rank fighter, Shen Yan attempts to block him. Even his Flaming Palm has no effect.

Then Duan Jian proceeds to smack Shen Xiu, knocking her back and causing her face to swell. Nie Li signals Duan Jian to stand down and Shen Hong retreats with his injured family members, but not before trying to recruit Duan Jian.

Even still, he is in no rush to start anything and just wishes to buy as much time as possible while they wait for Ye Zong to finish with his strikes against the Sacred Family's and Dark Guild's bases.

In response Nie Li answered that there was no rush and until Ye Zong arrived he would act as host. Shen Hong attempted to rise out of the other patriarchs by putting Nie Li down, only to find that his recent defensive tactics against the demon beast horde had already earned their respect.

But Nie Li is able to brush that off easily as Ye Zong would never bother about such petty squabbles. Seeing no other method, Shen Hong directly stated that he had heard that there was an assassination attempt on Ye Zong and that the reason that he was not appearing was because in truth he was dead.

This finally succeeded in shaking the other patriarchs as Ye Zong had yet to show himself. It was Huyan Xiong that spoke up at that moment and assured the worried patriarchs that Ye Zong was fine and would soon join them soon.

Shen Hong then even accused Huyan Xiong of being a part of the assassination. But Nie Li intervened to state what would be the point of that when the assassins would only die when Lord Ye Mo returns.

Nie Li then went on the attack by bringing out the captured Shen Ming and suggest using the Soul Refining Technique on him. But Shen Hong makes the argument that even if Shen Ming has been kicked out of his family, he still could not use such a method against him.

Nie Li then brings Yun Hua forward. Shen Hong has no such reason to not allow them to use the Soul Refining Technique on him.

However, just then he suddenly dies. He was branded by the Soul Shackle method which Shen Hong activated by make a few secret seal signs.

Though he thought that he was very hidden, the other patriarchs noticed Shen Hong's movements and have now started to suspect what the Snow Wind Family has said is true.

However, Shen Hong has begun to suspect this now and announces that he and his family will leave. Huyan Xiong soon follows by ordering the Huyan family to also stop them.

Then, to everyone's surprise Chen Zhenlong , the patriarch of the Divine Family , orders the same of his family. When he receives a message that his and the Dark Guild's base have been attacked he announces that the Snow Wind Family is working with the Dark Guild and attacking everyone's families, causing the other patriarchs to hesitate from joining against them.

Even though he could not out run Shen Hong, he was able to use a Divine Guardian Rock and his Scarlet Flame flying knife to protect himself. He then tricked Shen Hong with a feint and continued to head towards the array.

But Nie Li is done playing with him and orders Duan Jian to stop him. Shen Hong is now trapped in a battle with Duan Jian and can no longer escape, attack Nie Li, or help the other members of the Sacred Family.

Though this succeeded in forcing the other families back, it also confirmed that the Sacred Family had indeed betrayed Glory City.

Though he appears to be legend rank, Nie Li can tell that he is actually only black gold rank with some nice treasures. Using these treasures he is able to suppress the Snow Wind Spiritual God.

At this point it is obvious to everyone that Ye Zong has broken into legend rank. He is able to overwhelm Gui Sha within the first few moves.

This causes Gui Sha to choose to escape instead by using a vortex known as a Spatial Door of Darkness. After a few of the Sacred Family's elders escaped, he starts to make a second door for himself, but it is stopped by Nether Phantoms from the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.

He then integrates with his Bloodthirsty Devil , but even still can not withstand the attacks from the array.

Gui Sha is rescued at the last minute by Long Sha. He is able to stop Ye Zong and the Snow Wind Spiritual God with two stones that exploded with a formless energy that exploded.

He recognized Nie Li's strength and again asked him to visit the Demon Lord. He also brings up the Spiritual Constellation Technique.

Nie Li then activates the killing array at its full power and strikes at Long Sha. Training in the Mountains Arc Ye Yan: He only has three months until he will face the Demon Lord and needs to raise his strength as quickly as possible.

He gives Ye Yan several letters for his friends and family to let them know. Ye Yan asks if he should go with Nie Li, but he tells him no. He personal goes to deliver the letter to Ye Ziyun, but can not bring himself to knock on her door.

For one, she is still mad at him for locking her in the secret chamber, and for two, he does not know if he could leave after seeing her.

Instead he leaves the letter in front of her door. Yun Ling is the waitress and she and her father provided for Nie Li in his previous life.

To them these rocks have little value, so he is being very generous and using this as a way of giving them food. The second son of the chief, Xiao Kuang , shows up and tries to bully Nie Li into paying a "tax" of five hundred bags of rice.

Nie Li is not even the slightest bit intimidated and instead tells him, and the others standing around, about Glory City.

After hearing this, Xiao Kaung's attitude completely changes as he tries his best not to offend Nie Li. Xiao Yang is a very clever young man.

When her hears Nie Li's offer to trade ten Purple Smoke Rocks for food, he was immediately curious about what value the rocks could hold. However, Nie Li refused to tell him.

Nie Li decides to not only tell them, but offers to draw them a map and invites them to visit. Nie Li then heads deeper into the Heavenly Fate Plateau to a spot with the greatest amount of direct sunlight and sets up an Array with a few hundred of the Purple Caltrop Rocks.

When in direct sunlight the stones emit a toxic purple smokey soul force. Using the array, Nie Li refines the smoke as a way of enhancing his Cultivation.

However, the toxin is very painful and causes him to feel as though he is being pierced by thousands of needles. Using this technique, Nie Li was able to raise his Soul Force from 2 star gold to 3 star gold.

Xiao Lang is a viscous man that has killed and robbed many people. In his previous life he was responsible for the death of many of the refugees from Glory City.

He brought seven thugs with the idea of stealing from Nie Li. They first surrounded him and then demand that he hand over his valuables or they will kill him.

After this initial exchange all of the thugs tried to attack Nie Li at once, but were easily pushed back. Then Xiao Lang attempts a flying leap with his remaining hammer.

After seeing Xiao Lang's death, the remaining attackers wanted to escape but Nie Li stopped them. He told them that if they came with him to the Black Spring he would spare their lives.

One of them decided to make a run for it out of fear but was instantly killed by him. Even though the remaining six thugs were terrified of going to the Black Spring they could see they had no other choice at this point.

These trees emit toxins that resemble a light black fog and over time slowly poison any living creature. Nie Li gives them each a temporary elixir that will stave off the poison for half an hour.

After getting through the forest there is an highly poisonous marsh. Nie Li orders the thugs to cut down trees to form a bridge of planks like this as well as gather vines to make several thousand of meters of rope.

After five hours they completed these tasks and Nie Li gave them a stronger antidote and let them go. After propelling down the cliff face of the black spring Nie Li reached the platform that he remembrances from his past life.

He had to slowly break his way slowly through the offensive patterns to reach the sealing ones. After three hours Nie Li is able to break through them and the wall opens up to reveal a cave.

Any of these patterns would be strong enough to kill him. At the end of the passage is a large room with a pond of the black spring water. The pond is covered in another, even stronger barrier array.

Near the pond he found the remains of the six legend rank or greater experts that set up the barrier.

They each had their own powerful armor, weapons, and interspatial rings full of valuables. From the deterioration of these items he can tell that these remains might have been here for ten thousand years.

She explains to Nie Li that she was bound here tens of thousand of years ago after her Divine Spark was scattered.

Since then she has been reforming her power and body within the Black Spring. In his past life he was able to reach such a realm only by entering the Temporal Demon Spirit Book and cultivating the Power of Heaven.

He now understands that in this world there is a still a path to the higher realms, but only through the cultivation of the Power of Law.

Though he is told that it is difficult to cultivate law, he is not worried with his high level of comprehension. The first step is to strengthen his body by soaking in the water of the black spring.

The water is infused with a part of Yu Yan's divine spark. When he enters the water he finds it full of an extremely pure soul force.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the energy, he is able to constantly absorb it into his soul realm. No matter how much he cultivates, his soul realm can not be filled.

This nourishing of his soul force causes the vine in his soul realm to further strengthen and sprout four more leaves in addition to the previous one.

He was able to quickly advance and already break through into 4 star gold rank. The vine then grew a sixth and seven leaf. It appears that the vine is able to use the massive amounts of the power of law to grow these mysterious "leaves" and each time it does his soul realm is once again emptied.

This has allowed him to absorb enough power to cause a legend rank expert to explode. When he moved closer to the depths of the spring and Yu Yan's body the intense power of law caused two more leaves to grow.

After entering the black spring to cultivate the power of law, Nie Li was able to travel deep into its depths.

Once there he found a ball of intense fire energy with the reforming divine body of the goddess Yu Yan inside.

By touching it he was able to have insight to the profoundness of the power of law. When he got out of the water Nie Li tells Yu Yan that he knows a way to help her reconstruct her body, but she does not believe him.

After suffering some fear and damage from too much power too fast, Nie Li takes some time to slowly comprehended and deconstructed the power of law. Kamisama ga Uso wo Tsuku.

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